Game of Thrones season 7 episode 6 just leaked no spoilers in this article

Yes you heard right the unreleased episode of Game of Thrones season 7, episode 6 Name "Death is the Enemy" just leaked today by accident.

let me explain how:-

This news news came just after the arrest of 4 people in India for leaking the episode 4.
Episode 4 leaked online two days before its scheduled time, but episode 6 arrived a lot earlier. Neither leak comes courtesy of the hackers that cracked HBO’s computer systems. Instead, we’re looking at two distinct internal leaks in the distribution and broadcasting chain system.

HBO Europe said in a statement (via AP) it had “learned that the upcoming episode of Game of Thrones was accidentally posted for a brief time on the HBO Nordic and HBO Espana platforms."
the new episode 6 is available to download on torrent as we speak right now i suggest you not to watch it from your home network at least use TOR browser/ TAIL or some kind of VPN before doing such wrong deed. 😁
But the question is will this time Game of Thrones …

OpenCV installation for Ubuntu

OpenCV installation for Ubuntu  To install OpenCV 2.4.2 or 2.4.3 on the Ubuntu 12.04 operating system, first install a developer environment to build OpenCV.
sudo apt-get -y install build-essential cmake pkg-config Install Image I/O libraries
sudo apt-get -y install libjpeg62-dev sudo apt-get -y install libtiff4-dev libjasper-dev Install the GTK dev library
sudo apt-get -y install libgtk2.0-dev Install Video I/O libraries
sudo apt-get -y install libavcodec-dev libavformat-dev libswscale-dev libv4l-dev Optional - install support for Firewire video cameras
sudo apt-get -y install libdc1394-22-dev Optional - install video streaming libraries
sudo apt-get -y install libxine-dev libgstreamer0.10-dev libgstreamer-plugins-base0.10-dev Optional - install the Python development environment and the Python Numerical library
sudo apt-get -y install python-dev python-numpy Optional - install the parallel code processing library (the Intel tbb library)
sudo apt-get…

Flashing/Installing stock MIUI image to the Rooted Redmi Devices and Fixing the Error 7

If you been wondering why the latest images of Android 7.1 Nougat based Lineage OS or RM OS are not working during the flashing processes showing some kind of Error 7,
Well there are 2 Solution for this problem

1) Edit the Android image zip file yourself remove the line of code regarding to devicename in the
following file which is responsible for this Error 7.
Open the Lineage OS ROM zip using any archiving software like 7zip, WinRAR, etc… You can also open it on your device.
Now, you need to navigate to this path: META-INF » com » google » android » updater-script.Open the file updater-script in a text editor. You’ll see a bunch of lines with the command assert and the model name of the device next to it.If there’s a mismatch with the codename of the device in the script, you’ll get Error 7 while flashing. So, just either edit the code to match your device’s codename or delete all the lines having the code “assert & getprop”Save the file.Try to install the ROM now.

2) Install t…

Highlights of WWDC 2017

I attended the World Wide Developer Conference of Apple and if you missed it or too busy to watch the lengthy keynote don't worry here it is-
In Total there are 8 new thing that came up in WWDC 2017

1 New Apple Watch OS 4.
2 Upgrades to Macbook.
3 New iMacPro.
4 Mac OS 11 High Sierra.
5 New iPad Pro.
6 HomePod.
7 ARKit
8 iOS 11
1 New Apple Watch OS 4
The Apple Watch has developed a new watch OS: Watch OS 4. Here are some of the important bits:

There are new faces including a kaleidoscope and some Toy Story animationsAn increased focus on fitness allows for better tracking during runs and swims. There's also more encouragement for setting and achieving goals.The Apple Watch will automatically sync with fitness equipment from some of the biggest manufacturers to track your suffering.A new Music app has a redesigned interface.Native Bluetooth support allows the watch to communicate with small devices like a glucose monitor for diabetics.H.265 video supports HDR footage with 40% better co…

Why using pirated windows is still a bad Idea

Using pirated windows is very bad idea from a security pointof view -as these pirated copies of the windows are not secure enough as they will not get patched for critical security updates from Microsoft even if force try to update them then Microsoft server will catch your system based on fake licenses number and will block you from windows updates and disable several features including server capabilities and desktop wallpaper and software updates from windows update server. Now you might be interested to know what kind of security risk are we talking about here so let get into it.
So I analysed a pirated copy of windows using a anti malware software and at the very first scan it found 4 infections of several kind of malware and key loggers. now you want to know what malware it "malware is harmful piece of software that can cause damage to you data and exploit you system for any personal information "
Keylogger are the special program made to monitor each key stroke on the …

Backdoor In WhatsApp really?

A security vulnerability that can be used to allow Facebook and others to intercept and read encrypted messages has been found within its WhatsApp messaging service.
Facebook claims that no one can intercept WhatsApp messages, not even the company and its staff, ensuring privacy for its billion-plus users. But new research shows that the company could in fact read messages due to the way WhatsApp has implemented its end-to-end encryption protocol.
Establishing the Case Should I be worried about the WhatsApp encryption backdoor? Privacy campaigners said the vulnerability is a “huge threat to freedom of speech” and warned it could be used by government agencies as a backdoor to snoop on users who believe their messages to be secure.
Recognize the Issue
WhatsApp has made privacy and security a primary selling point, and has become a go to communications tool of activists, dissidents and diplomats.
WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption relies on the generation of unique security keys, usi…

Cheat sheet for Reverse Engineering for Malware Analysis

Download the original size here link sheet reverse v6.png

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