Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Privacy is a Myth

People say we are not being monitored, well how about this example this product i was checking on my super secure android device, but some how facebook know and shows be add of this on my facebook feed on my workstation,

No i don't have any adware installed,

Reason is facebook app monitors all activities that you do on your devices including internet browser history so it make sense the facebook android app is installed on my phone too.

Generally people don't realise how these big corporates exploiting there privacy,
well sure people will say its convenient to see those ads so you buy stuff that you were looking for but if you look at it its a thought of lazy person, when you realise that privacy is myth,

This is not it websites collect lot more data about there users like

Users Location
IP addresses

Device information

Broweser details
and more

To get more details about users like there like and dislikes they go for your bookmarks and browser history also its a treat for those data hungry monster website when you install there browser plugin then they literally monitor your system until your browser is on.

On more dark side if you are in the target list of any state hired or independent hacker then things can go more worst all the browsers are exploitable if you visit deep web you can find them and buy them too they are called zero days.

Of you are running a older version of browser then things becomes as easy as cake walk for hackers,
they can exploit you system and gain admin access to your operating system in just few commands and then they can do more dangerous things like Ransomware and identity theft they can ruin your life.

Now we have some kid tech lover who consider them self expert and they will say we use adblocker those ad malware can't get to me
well here is a thing kids
there are so many tracking techniques that are not embedded in the websites to track users activity even if you block there ads.
they make there website a living tracking bot some of those techniques requires user permission that they achieve by technique called Clickjacking or Alerts of java scripts.

i will soon write article about how to prevent yourself from such threats but for now here is my goodnight advice
>Stay updated always update your system and application software

>Disable java script on your browsers and flash

>Don't click on random content.
>Only download software or app on devices from trust able resource like Appstore or Playstore.

>Don't use pirated Windows (Use Linux if you can't afford genuine version).

>Uninstall third party app like facebook use on browser.

i'm not bluffing about fb tracking you checkout this article in WSJ Link
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