Thursday, 1 September 2016

Facebook Reaction: a privacy attack for corporate benefit.

Recently Facebook launched many images to be added in there post so that user can express their feelings in different different moods and smile sad happy but no one understand the reason behind it
Welcomes to earning money both Facebook and Google goes in same Direction they both are different words of same reason to use uses data and they sell them in order to more revenue.

     Earlier Belgian police gave  a public warning about the use of Facebook reaction buttons instead of like button check here

what Facebook has done it is limiting the users response to a particular post to 6 reactions,
By limiting the responses to a post to six emotions: which the social networks calls “Like, Love, Haha, Wow, Sad and Angry”,

To use this reaction data for advertising Facebook developed some algorithms that are used to determine the liking and not liking of a user for particular post or product,

Facebook's algorithms are able to measure your reactions more effectively, this means Facebook can now surf personalized advertisements to its user for its benefit,
for example if you press "Like" or "woow" reaction on a pizza joint then its most likely you will see a offer on the product from that brand.

What this arrangement actually does is that it increase the effectiveness of use profile to the Facebook and its partner companies about how there users are behaving towards the content that is showing in there feeds and this helps them a lot than just showing million people about same ads.
because now when you see thing of his preferences in the feed he or she is most likely to show a reaction to it and plan to buy that service or offer in future time.

Corporate benefits more from this as now Facebook has more accurate data about there users then it can sell this data two its partners and show more accurate ads and post to its users.

so although this reaction function is killing privacy with one more dagger but what we can do,
people can't stop using this just because they gonna get more customized content in there feed,

And who knows Facebook may also planning to use the data collected from this reaction algorithms to develop its Artificial Intelligence Program and source point of human knowledge and behavior.
we all know CEO of Facebook is working on A.I. since many ears now.

i think users need to protest against this and ask Facebook to remove this from the functionality which is very impossible to happen in near future.

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